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Service Charge

Croatia visa assistance


Job Description



Basic English understanding is required Job offers

  1. Warehouse worker.
  2. Super Market.
  3. Co-operative Store.

Duty hours

  1. 10-12 hrs/day.
  2. 6 days/week.
  3. Shift starts from 6am.
  4. Night shift also It’ll be roaster system.

Job responsibilities

  1. Loading and unloading.
  2. Collection and execution of orders.
  3. Keeping warehouse/job area clean and tidy Etc.


Provided by the employer/Company


Self/Subsidiary rate will be given.

Note: After the three months completion of the job, Employer/Company will provide the air ticket cost. And after the successful completion of the contract, return ticket will be given. Renewal option will be available.

Visa assurance


Below note will be applicable for this guarantee. Applicants must follow our training session suggestions. Must pass on our initial test.

What do I need to apply ?

  1. Passport (original & copy)
  2. A no objection letter from the company/sponsor of the applicant
  3. An attested copy of your bank statement (6 months)
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